Empowering Change & Encouraging Equality in Foodservice

Reset the Table is championed and staffed by The Food Group—the premiere Creative Food + Beverage Marketing and Advertising Agency. We count professional chefs, foodservice alums and passionate food enthusiasts among us. Our special mix of minds and experience also afford us a unique perspective on the foodservice industry and its challenges. 

To learn more about what drives women and their roles within foodservice, we created a proprietary survey that asked women and men throughout our industry how they viewed the level of equality. The results were eye opening and inspired us to create this platform to promote change.

45% of women say men receive the bulk of press and TV mentions.* We are on a mission to change that.

Our research revealed major concerns over equal media exposure, equal pay, poor parental benefits and lack of women-led leadership opportunities. Now, with the help of our media partners, we’re on a mission to change all that. Reset the Table wants to level the playing field and give women in our industry the equal voice they deserve.

We want to uplift our entire industry by providing a safe space for everyone to learn, share and be heard. From features on industry leaders to career advice, job postings, educational event spotlights and more, we’re bringing it all to the table.

Won’t you join us?

Meet the team.

Sarabeth Blum
Pastry enthusiast, writer, and strategist for Reset the Table.

Katelyn Hayes
Fan of food, red wine, live music, my kids, my Jersey Shore hometown, my new home in CT. Copywriter for Reset the Table.

Kate Meadows
Apologetic Floridian, enduring New Yorker, and art director for Reset the Table.

Ariana Garbaccio
Lover of dried meats and stinky cheese, my six-toed cat, and la dolce vita. Strategist for Reset the Table.

Ben Lee
Bread geek, cook, devoted to all things Italian food, pasta maker, book nerd, New Yorker. Culinary Liaison for Reset the Table.

Ansley Simpson
Southerner passionate about exploring new twists on comfort food classics. Currently planting roots in Florida. Media Planner for Reset the Table.

Lauren Walden
Fierce dog mom and lover of fine food, wine, and whiskey. Social Media Manager for Reset the Table.

We’d like to thank our partners:

Reset the Table is a Common Ground Initiative.

ABOUT COMMON GROUND: Common Ground supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Sustainable Development Goal 5 (SDG 5) aims to ensure gender equality and empower women and girls everywhere. A part of the UN Women’s campaign, Planet 50-50 By 2030 Step it Up for Gender Equality, contains targets to ensure gender equality becomes a reality. The targets include ending all forms of violence and harmful practices against women, universal reproductive health and rights, optimizing women’s leadership.

*Datassential, Foodservice Gender Equality Study, May 2017