Reset the Table is a Common Ground Initiative

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The Food Group is a Creative Food + Bev Marketing and Advertising Agency deeply connected to every facet of the foodservice industry. We count professional chefs, foodservice alums and passionate food enthusiasts among us. Our special mix of minds also afford us a unique perspective on the industry from the inside out.

We wanted to learn more about what drives women and their roles within the industry. To find the answers, we created a proprietary survey to speak to women and men in the industry. The results were eye opening and inspired us to create this platform for change through AWARENESS, LEARNING, KNOWLEDGE BUILDING and SKILLS that leads to the advancement of women in the foodservice industry.

A few themes rose to the top again and again:

Women are 2X as likely to
sacrifice career for family

Fewer women ask for
and receive pay raises

100% of women want
woman-led leadership training

96% crave more paid
maternity & paternity leave

92% would participate
in mentorship programs

81% want more media attention
and speaking opportunities

With so many areas in need of improvement to create equity within the foodservice industry, there’s no time to waste. Let’s all work together to make sure women get an equal seat and an equal say at every table.

We’d like to thank our partners:

ABOUT COMMON GROUND: Common Ground was created to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Sustainable Development Goal 5 (SDG 5) is all about ensuring gender equality and empowering women and girls everywhere. A part of the UN Women’s campaign, Planet 50-50 By 2030 Step it Up for Gender Equality, contains targets to ensure gender equality becomes a reality. The targets include ending all forms of violence and harmful practices against women, universal reproductive health and rights, optimizing women’s leadership.